Saturday, 26 August 2017

Bath and Transports of Delight!

Don’t worry about the destination, life is about enjoying the journey.  

With this is mind we’ve made a little list of some of the best ways to travel around Bath.

A Horse and Carriage Ride  

On a sunny day like today going out for a carriage ride around Bath is idyllic. The sound of the horse’s hooves echoed back off the listed Georgian facades around you is an instant journey back in time to when life was lived at a slower pace and we had more time to enjoy the little things. On the other hand, if the sun isn’t so forthcoming and the rain shows its face, the carriage cover can be put up in an instant, or if the weather is on the chilly side there are blankets to wrap up in. 

Private carriage rides around Bath which last an hour can be booked in advance and take in all the famous sites around Bath (champagne an optional extra!). Fixed tours last twenty to twenty-five minutes, Wednesday-Sunday 11-4:30. You can just turn up at the collection point on Cheap Street, but to be on the safe side they are best booked in advance (01761 471888). 

Brigit’s Afternoon Tea Bus  

If you like a restaurant with a nice view then you’ll probably also quite like the idea of the Afternoon Tea Bus. The traditional red vintage bus will take you for a seventy-minute tour of the iconic landmarks in Bath (The Circus, Bath Abbey, the Holburne Musuem and, of course, the Royal Crescent to name a few) and at the same time provides a delicious spread of sandwiches, scones, cakes, mini quiches and tarts to enjoy while you watch the world of Bath go by.  

The tours run at 12, 2;30, and 5pm Thursday-Sunday and can be booked online or by phone on 01225 962288. 

(N.B. the buses don’t offer a recorded guided commentary or a live guide however, so if you’re looking for a tour with information on Bath then this might not be the one to go for.) 

A Guided Bike Tour

Bath has a fantastic range of cycle paths and is very bike friendly in general. You can bring your own bike to Bath and have fun exploring by yourself, but if you’d rather not risk getting lost and would also appreciate learning a little about some of the local history as you pedal the most beautiful paths in and around Bath, then a Wild Swim Bike Run tour could be ideal. 

You can either opt for a half-day tour to the medieval Tythe Barn and Bradford on Avon (9:30-12/1), or choose to go for a full day (9:30-4/6 (depending on stopping times at tea rooms on the way…)). Both tours take in the Kennet and Avon Canal cycle towpath, the famous Dundas Aqueduct, and the ‘Two Tunnels’ converted rail track and tunnels – the longest cycling tunnel in Britain, complete with interactive light and sound installations.  

These tours can be booked last minute (5pm the day before each tour), can take up to 6 people, and can be booked by phoning 07455 986403.   

So why not come to Bath and enjoy a little journey while you’re here?

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