Friday, 31 March 2017

Visit Bath and Visit the New Thermae Bath Spa

Late last year the Thermae Bath Spa started renovations which mean that part of the spa complex had to be closed; this was sad news indeed. But, on the plus side, the promise of a brand new Wellness Suite was the reason for the reduced facilities. Now, at last, it’s up and running…

The first new room, and one of the most striking thanks to its giant golden image of the head of Sulis 
The Roman Steam Room
Minerva (which can be seen “in the flesh” as it were on display in the Roman Baths), is the Roman Steam Room. The polished stone seating running around the length of the room is hand-crafted, traditional, and echoes that of the original seating in the Roman baths themselves, and the steam is infused with a stimulating blend of flowers and botanicals.

The next steam room is the Georgian Steam Room which gives the impression of being surrounded by an elegant garden thanks to the floral scenes in the windows, the warm light, the ornate
fountain, and the floral fragrances. This room is heated to 45 degrees at 100% humidity.

The Infrared Red Sauna
However, for those who really crave the heat, the Infrared Red Sauna will be a favourite new addition to the spa. The state-of-the-art Infrared Sauna has a much more modern feel with its amber glow and lime wood and acacia wood panelling, but most importantly, the modern technology which has been installed allows the soothing heat to be soaked further into sore muscles and joints. It’s a good room to visit post or pre massage at the spa.
Not everyone is after heat though, and on a hot summer day the new Ice Chamber might be the place to visit. “Ultrasonic vibrations create an immersive, ethereal mist and those feeling particularly brave” (or looking for a twist on the ice bucket challenge?) “can use a handful of flaked ice to rejuvenate and
The Ice Chamber
energise themselves.”

The Celestial Relaxation Room has, we think, the best name of the rooms in the new wellness suite. As the name suggests, it offers twinkling lights to evoke gazing at a night sky, as well as heated loungers, warm fragrant air and calming sounds. It is inspired by the famous Georgian astronomer who began his career in Bath – William Herschel.  

Then at the end of the thermal and sensory experience rooms, are the Experience Showers – each involving two sets of body jets and chromo-therapy (very pretty lights to you and me).

And all this ready just in time for an Easter get-away too. Good timing to be sure, and, it has to be said, pleasantly surprising given how common it is for renovation projects to run over!

Thursday, 23 March 2017

What To Do in Bath for Mother’s Day

You’re in Bath, your aim is to give your Mum a fantastic day out to thank her for everything she does, and really, thank her for just for being her.

A highlight of a visit to Bath for many is taking afternoon tea at the famous Pump Rooms. The splendid Georgian décor is a sight to behold, and the live music provided by the Pump Room Trio does wonders for the overall atmosphere. Relax and have a good catch up with your mum over scones, cakes and several cups of tea, or maybe even wine or champagne!

On Mother’s Day, bookings can be made at the Pump Rooms for various packages including
Champagne Teas, a traditional Pump Room tea (expect a cake stand packed to the brim with goodies), a ‘Beau Nash Brunch’ with bubbly, a celebration tea, and a set champagne lunch. Then again, you might prefer to try one of Bath’s other gems such as Bea’s Vintage Tea Rooms (6-8 Saville Row next to the Fashion Museum and Assembly Rooms).

You could of course, spend the day shopping and wandering and seeing some of the sights of Bath. But as our Mothering Sunday – a day on which people would visit their “mother” church, and while doing so also see their family, is often now synonymous, at least in terms of emphasis with Mother’s Day - which was a holiday first celebrated in 1908 in Grafton, West Virginia in America, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother, a visit to Bath’s American Museum seems rather appropriate!

Currently the museum has two special exhibitions taking place which are each quite different and well worth seeing while you can.

In ‘1920s Jazz Age: Fashion and Photographs’, over 100 fashion objects including flapper dresses,
evening capes, lame coats, couture and ready-to-wear garments from 1919-1929 document the shifting moral, social and cultural attitudes (and hemlines). The work of photographer James Abbe will also present a commentary on the twentieth-century celebrity and the glamour of Hollywood. Added to this, illustrations by Gordon Conway will show how graphic art and photography promoted the ‘Jazz Age’ look.

The other exhibition to explore is ‘Joyce Petschek: Breaking the Pattern’. Joyce’s work is a culmination of her life-long passion for needlework and colour. If you’re a Kaffe Fasset fan you’ll love Joyce’s work. She uses mainly silk threads and juxtaposes intense colours in her kaleidoscopic work. As well as creating arresting wall hangings, Joyce specialises in reworking antique furniture. Work from different points throughout Joyce’s career will be on display so you can really see how her work has developed and changed over time. 

(The American Museum, we hasten to add, also has the fantastic Orangery café and Terrace to relax in after you’ve taken a tour of the exhibitions (their snickerdoodles are particularly nice!))

Friday, 17 March 2017

Pictures From The Bath Half

We had a great time being the media centre for the Bath Half again this year. 

Here are some of the snaps we got throughout the day! 

Dawn on race day! The Holburne Museum all lit up.

The barriers being put in place.

We were lucky that Dukes was right next to the start and finish line for the Bath Half!

Some of the runners and cheerers on their way. 

Because the media in our media centre needed sustenance too!

James Cracknell with some fans in reception before the race.

Cancer Research UK was the official main charity for the race this year.

And they're off!

Soon the whole of Great Pulteney Street was teaming with runners!

118 118!

The Time is Precious charity team.

A new take on running in Bath...

Batgirl also took part.

And naturally the Bath Half wouldn't have been complete without a storm trooper.

The Half is hard enough as it is, but try running it in with firefighting equipment on as well.

Innocent smoothies ran too!

And the "hunk with a trunk".

Then it was time for the family fun run to line up.

We loved seeing the astronaut in training taking part.

The winner of the Bath Half this year, Ben Fish, talking with the BBC's Laura Rawlings.

And the women's winner, Ruth Barnes.

The view of the Runner's Village after the race.

Chrissie Wellington - all smiles after the race.

Sophie Raworth with her medal after the race! 

 We're already looking forward to next year!!!