Saturday, 15 July 2017

It’s All About Books in Bath This Week

We’ve been looking at the events coming up in Bath this week and a bit of a theme has emerged. Bath will be enjoying a plethora of bookish events. If you enjoy reading, we’re sure one or more of these will be of interest…

Waterstones in Bath sometimes puts on events, but when if you enjoy going to talks given by prominent authors then Bath’s independent bookshops are the place to go. 


This week Toppings and Company (who have a marvelous shop on the corner of The Paragon (if you haven’t been we really recommend taking a look)) have organised a couple of amazing events.  

The first, on Monday 17th, is an event with neurosurgeon-turned-author Henry Marsh. He’ll be reflecting on what forty years on the surgical frontline has taught him, and why he still continues to devote himself to work in Nepal and Ukraine while promoting his new book Admissions. His book Do No Harm was a wonderful read, and in his latest book he explores the purpose he has found in his own life, and the fresh understanding he has gained of what matters to us all in the end.

Then, on Tuesday 17th, internationally best-selling author Natasha Pulley, who wrote the captivating The Watchmaker of Filigree Street, will be speaking about her new book. The Bedlam Stacks is set in 1859 in the shadowy, magical forests of South America. We’re intrigued and sure that her talk will be a fantastic event for any fans of historical fiction. 

Both of these events can be booked via Toppings website, or through their shop on The Paragon.  

Next, we couldn’t write this post without mentioning that this week marks the bicentenary of Jane Austen’s death, so naturally Bath has plenty of events planned to help commemorate her life and achievements. Our top pick of the events going on being the walking tour, Crescent vs Crescent, with Dr Amy Frost on Wednesday 19th

The tour, though not Austen themed per-se, will explore the social history that took place between the construction of the Royal Crescent and Lansdown Crescent (via Camden Crescent and Cavendish 
Crescent), so very much Austen’s era. (Tickets from )  

Finally, although not book-themed, we have to mention an adaptation of a film that will be playing at the Theatre Royal from this Friday (21st July) to the 12th of August.

Alfred Hitchcock’s classic, North by Northwest, has been adapted for the stage and, having seen clips online, looks wonderful. They’ve blended top-notch acting with clever set design and live film to create an incredible show. They’ve even managed to recreate the scene with the crop-dusting plane!

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