Friday, 12 August 2016

Visit Bath’s Open Air Cinema at The Holburne

We’re always on the lookout for unique things to do when on a visit to Bath. Or for that matter, unique things to do if you happen to live in Bath; many of the events going on around Bath are things that us Bathonians are just as excited about as newcomers to the city.

Being located only five minutes from the city centre, usually Dukes is not too far from the action, and this is especially true for our spotlight event this weekend. This weekend the Holburne Museum, which is less than a minute from our front door, is the place to be as, in partnership with The Little Theatre Cinema, the Holburne Museum is hosting a weekend of open-air cinema within its tranquil gardens.   

Gates open at 7:00 and it’s worth arriving around then to get a good patch of lawn. The Holburne café will be serving food from 7:00 – 9:00 (if you haven’t been to the Holburne café before then we can fully recommend them and their delicious food), and the bar will stay open to serve alcoholic refreshment and soft drinks throughout the evening. The films each start at around 9, or as soon as it gets dark (so to be sure you don’t miss the beginning the recommendation is to be there by 8:45).

Last night was Baz Luhrmann’s beautiful adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, tonight will be the turn of the multi award winning The Revenant (rated 15, length 156 minutes), tomorrow is a classic - Jurassic Park (PG, 124 minutes), and Sunday will be Star Wars: The Force Awakens (in case you’re not sure which of the Star Wars films this is it’s the most recent Star Wars film which was released last year) (12A, 135 minutes)). So a real mix of films! Tickets for each are £10 for an adult and can be booked via the event website (

As it is an open air performance scheduled for after dark it may get a bit chilly, even if it is summer, so it’s important to take a few layers/blankets. Also it’s worth noting that no seating is provided, but you can either take your own (the rule is that it must not restrict the view of others) or “Cardboard Bum Box” seating will be available to purchase.

And finally to the important question of the weather to go with the films. Admittedly it’s not as if we wish for rain very often, but we’re especially pleased to find out that the forecast for this weekend is a dry one! Though it might be an idea to go fully prepared with umbrellas, just in case Murphy’s Law happens to strike.

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