Thursday, 28 April 2016

Stay in Bath and Visit the Little Theatre

When you stay in Bath it can be a little bit like escaping for a few days to a by-gone era. Life in Bath is slower - more relaxed. If someone bumps into you in Bath they will stop and apologise profusely. Bath is just that kind of city – elegant and gentile in vibe and in architecture.  This is perfect for anyone wishing for a city break with added R&R.  And what’s better for this (apart from a massage at the Thermae Spa) than a trip to the cinema? So keeping on our theme of talking about the year-round gems of Bath, we had a look at the Little Theatre Cinema in Bath. 

If you haven’t been to this cinema you’re missing a trick. Tucked away on St Michael’s Place near the Theatre Royal, the Little Theatre Cinema is a three-screen art house cinema which specilises in showing films that deserve to be shown much more widely than they are. If you’re a fan of beautiful animations (think moving artwork rather than computer graphics), or watching recordings of live opera on the big screen then this is the cinema for you.

But it’s not just films they show that make this one of our favourite places to go for an evening in Bath - it’s the atmosphere. This is one of the few cinemas left in the UK that retains the old romance that used to come with going to the pictures. It has the tiered velvet seating, the balcony space, long curtains before the screen, an enclosed ticket booth on the door, and upstairs it has a small intimate screen that is one of the most cosy we’ve had the pleasure of sitting in.

Keen to go back soon and see a film ourselves, we had a look at their upcoming films.

The Little Theatre regularly screens new stage productions of classic Shakespeare plays. In June this will be Hamlet, and on Thursday 7th July and Monday 11th July they’ll be showing Kenneth Branagh’s production of Romeo and Juliet, which will be starring the wonderful trio of Richard Madden, Lily James and Sir Derek Jacobi.

On Sunday 15th May they’ll be showing the award-winning Cinema Paradiso –a foreign film told largely in flashback. It follows the protagonist Salvatore's growing infatuation with his village cinema, and his friendship with its projectionist. It's a lament for the joyous movie-going experience of days gone by, so rather appropriate for this cinema.   

The Little Theatre is also just beginning its season of Studio Ghibli showings. So if you’re a fan keep an eye out for those. And if you’re yet to see a Studio Ghibli film, now is your chance - beautiful films with equally beautiful messages. We really can’t recommend enough coming to stay in Bath and visiting the cinema that time forgot.

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