Thursday, 24 March 2016

How Do We Love Bath…?

One thing that we hear a lot from our guests who come for a stay in Bath is what an amazing city they think Bath is. The views, the buildings, the restaurants, just the general vibe! Living in Bath we can sometimes forget just what a fantastic place it is, but our guests do a great job of reminding us how lucky we are to be here. So this week, on the theme of feeling blessed to be in Bath, we’ve decided to come up with a list of some of the things that make Bath such a wonderful place to be. 

First off, we love how much of a cultural hub Bath is. While some cities don’t have a theatre at all, Bath has three; the Mission Theatre, the Rondo Theatre, and, of course, Bath Theatre Royal, which includes the Egg and the Ustinov Studio. Not only that, but there’s also the Chapel Arts Centre, Komedia, and the two universities each have theatre spaces too. So there is always something new to watch.   

Which brings us to Bath’s buskers. Bath’s buskers are not your run-of-the-mill buskers. If we’re ever at a loose end we can happily spend hours exploring the city centre and watching the entertainment. Where else in the UK could you go and see a free opera performance outside a Gothic Abbey, and follow it up just five minutes later by watching a tight-rope unicycler and then a man carving sand sculptures to the sound of Bob Dylan songs on a violin? There can’t be many (if any).

Next, we love that Bath is a city of festivals. Each year there is Bachfest, the Mozart Festival, Bath Folk Festival, the International Music Festival, the Jane Austen Festival, the Literature Festival, the Children’s Literature Festival. The list goes on!  

Another thing that makes Bath so amazing is that, despite being a city, it still manages to be so different and independent. Yes it has the high street favourites like Marks and Spencer and Topshop, but it is also full to the brim with boutiques and one-off galleries and unique emporiums (if you haven’t been to Mr B’s Reading Emporium you are seriously missing out). 

Having said that, you don’t even need to go inside anywhere in Bath to love it, because Bath is, quite frankly, beautiful. Vast stretches of Palladian townhouses cast in pale cream limestone with impressive columns and door carvings and rooftop urns; if you come to Bath, don’t forget to look up at the roofs and details all around you.   

And our final reason why we love Bath? It’s just so friendly! Don’t believe us? Come and find out for yourself!

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