Thursday, 12 February 2015

Valentines Day – Tips and a Get Away for Romantic Break in Bath

A card, a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates and a DVD - the fail - safe Valentines Day combination for couples all over the UK. But this year for Valentines Day we thought why not show your partner how much you care by doing something a bit different? We’ve put our heads together at Dukes Hotel and come up with a few of our favourite tips on how to find a Valentines Day gift with real meaning. One of them, of course, is a romantic break in Bath, but here are some of our others.

First off, give them a present from the heart. Why not try making a mixed cd with all of your favourite songs on it? The song you played at your wedding? The one you both sing along to in the car? The song that reminds you of when you first met? Or you could try making a photo album of all of your favourite memories together. Nothing makes you look forward to wonderful times in the future like remembering great times you’ve had in the past. Or you could give them a book of personal cheques to use throughout the year. Not cheques for money but with promises like, “I owe you one shoulder rub”, or, “I owe you one home cooked dinner of your choice” – things that’ll actually want rather than another store-bought gift they secretly want to return. 

Then, present sorted, we recommend that you surprise your partner with a luxurious weekend break in Bath for the both of you. At the Thermae Spa you can have a couples massage together and spend the day on blissful relaxation and pampering. Later on in the evening it’s easy to find a top quality restaurant with a magical atmosphere away from the crowds. At Dukes Hotel we have some great recommendations for lesser-known gems and we’d be more than happy to make any reservations for you. As for following evening entertainments, take yourselves out for a night of music, theatre, dancing or a film. Komedia, Bath Theatre Royal and The Little Theatre Cinema are all fantastic options and have a range selection of events and performances going on over the Valentines period.

On Sunday have a blissful lie in and then wake up to be greeted by the sun rising over the Lansdown hills. Enjoy a succulent breakfast of croissants, smoked salmon and fresh coffee and then head out for a day exploring the romantic city of Bath. Take a walk along beside the river, take afternoon tea in The Pump Rooms, visit the art galleries, shop in the independent boutiques or simply enjoy soaking up the Regency splendor.

Valentines Day is about spending time together and at Dukes we want to do everything we can to make sure that you experience the best luxury break in Bath possible. So come and stay with us and spend some quality time together rediscovering your romantic side.

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