Thursday, 29 May 2014

A hotel, townhouse or guest house in Bath?

At Dukes, while we might claim our core offer is bed and breakfast, our guests frequently state that we are one of the few boutique hotels Bath has on offer. Many are struck by the warm welcome they receive, others by our commitment to the happiness and well-being of each individual guest. They appreciate the assistance and attention to detail that our team offer them in an informal, unscripted manner. With this in mind they would suggest that we are a boutique hotel – a term we often shy away from as it seems a little modern , somewhat fashionable and at risk of being passe. Each summer our American guests re-introduce to us their descriptive terms of ‘inn’ and ‘innkeepers’. For us, ‘innkeeper’ seems a term somewhat too closely associated with ale, straw and horses, so we rarely, if ever, refer to ourselves as inn keepers. While the choice of boutique hotels Bath has on offer may be limited, we believe we have a great strength and reasonable claim for consideration. As far as the property is concerned, Dukes proudly stands within two very majestic Georgian townhouses that form an integral part of Great Pulteney Street, arguably the finest boulevard of Georgian England. We understand that the word ‘townhouse’ lies at the core of the French word ‘hotel,’ from which the English term finds its root. Although on many occasions our guests appear to offer differing views as to whether we should be tagged with hotel, b&b or guest house, one thing is clear: all our guests agree that our location on Great Pulteney Street is impressive. They feel the level, five minute walk into the heart of Bath is a true convenience and on checking out they have shared a personal, unique and deeply pleasing stay with us, in a wonderfully engaging city. Our location is ideal for those who wish to walk in, or alternatively, walk out from the inner city.

Boutique Hotels Bath –  For a stay in a period property within the heart of Bath city centre, contact Dukes today.

From Dukes, one only needs to walk across Great Pulteney Street and amble over a few ancient granite sets to enter Henrietta Park, a peaceful lung in the urban heart of Bath. The park was designed in celebration of the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. As with many parks of this era, the layout is well considered and intended to enhance the promenade. One enjoys a tremendous sense of space that exceeds the park’s actual 7 acre size. Numerous specimen trees have been carefully located and nurtured over the past 100 years. Now fully matured, they offer a great sense of grandeur amid calm, controlled stability. Some of the park boundaries are formed by vast shrub groups; others have openings that offer glimpses of the Georgian architecture beyond. The park, in keeping with the fashion of the day, embraces a Sensory Garden where one may sit in even greater peace among the sweetly scented flowers and shrubs. Dukes is a Bath hotel that accepts dogs. As one of the few hotels to do so we are fortunate to have Henrietta Park so readily available. Should you wish for your walks to be a little more dynamic, then you may wish to join us here at Dukes bed and breakfast on the 16 May for ‘ Party in the City’, the biggest free show in Bath. Using Dukes as your base, why not enjoy this truly spectacular occasion?  Across the World Heritage City of Bath, numerous historic and fascinating locations play host to an eclectic program of music and celebration. The Friday night works as the overture for the Bath International Music Festival. As with any overture, the Party in the City offers up a flavour of the creative forces that will be on display across the city over the latter half of May.

Later in the evening, ahead of your return for bed and breakfast at Dukes, you may care to venture out for a bite to eat. The Graze Bar, Brewery and Chophouse opened in December 2012 and is earning an enviable reputation. Perched up on high, over the vaults, originally built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Graze lies adjacent to the Bath Spa Railway Station platform. Hotel guests have complimented the dry aged steak served at Graze from the restaurant’s own in-house ageing pantries.  The Graze website boasts that the premium steaks are cooked on a searingly hot Josper charcoal oven. Of Spanish origin, design and manufacture, the Josper is the latest must have chef accessory, widely respected as an oven that delivers the finest steak texture and flavour available. Graze is a flagship eating parlour for Bath Ales and offers skyline views of Bath. 

As you wonder back to Dukes, you will realise that your staying at a hotel in Bath that is ideally located, close to the centre though away from the Party in the City celebrations that will run on into the early hours of the morning.

May is a wonderful month to visit, as the city awakes to the ushering in of summer. Whether you’re looking for a hotel, townhouse or guest house in Bath, spare a thought for what is on offer at Dukes. A warm and personal welcome, a collection of unique bedrooms, a tasty and passionately prepared breakfast….. As for the property – call it what you will, maybe a boutique hotel in a Georgian townhouse is true, although it always strikes us as a bit of a mouthful. Home falls off the tongue more easily!

Dukes boutique hotel in a Georgian townhouse -  Enjoy a warm and personal welcome at your stay in Bath – book with us today!

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